Monday, February 28, 2011

Saturday Janitor 2/26/2011 playlist

Don Howland - Sail Away - Land Beyond the Mountains
The Yips - 8/16s, November - The Blue Flannel Bathrobe Butterfly
Ego Summit - Floyd Collins -  The Room Isn't Big Enough
Vertical Slit - New Thrill/New Pill - ...and beyond...
Leil Lowndes - A Final Word - How To Talk To Anyone
Dion McGregor - Val - The Dream World of Dion McGregor
Djalma de Andrade (aka Bola Sete) -Ocean Waves - Ocean Memories
Jose Saramago - Blindness
Royal Trux - (Edge of the) Ape Oven - Twin Infinitives
Flipper - (I Saw You) Shine - Generic
The Mummies - (You Must Fight to Live) On The Planet of the Apes - Death by Unga Bunga
WLS Animal Stories
Unknown Artist - Using Your Negative Past to Do Something...Personal Power...Etc.
Leil Lowndes - Trick 61 - How To Be A Leader In A Crowd, Not A Follower - How To Talk To Anyone
The Dead C. - Bad Politics - Making Losers Happy
Sun City Girls - The Imam - Funeral Mariachi
Saccharine Trust - Neruda's Waves, Birthing the Ancestors - The Great One is Dead
MX-80 Sound - Kill That Dog - Live At The Library
Green on Red - Gravity Talks (live) - Bang Zoom audio zine #4
This Is Your Brain on Music
Great Plains - This Is Where I Belong - Live At The Electric Banana
Thinking Fellers Union Local 282 - KLTX - Wormed, By Leonard
Steve Plunkett - 7th Heaven

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