Sunday, March 6, 2011

Damn. Another Wrong Turn.

"If they had a Chinese Tiger mom, they would've been better at music.

"This Just In: 99.99% of ppl want substance-abusing television performers and their porn-star girlfriends for entertainment, not some ugly cows who can't tune a guitar (as a typical Joe Six-Pack might put it, I HASTEN TO ADD). It's time to give up the vain and somewhat offensive idea that 'if only the people could be made to understand...', then marginalized artists might receive their just due, which at this point amounts to maybe not having to work full-time their whole life and maybe becoming part of an academic curriculum in a few decades? Or at best, to become part of some false and oppressive "history" for future use as mere de-contextualized cultural currency? [pause to catch breath]

The people don't want The Shaggs, or Daniel Johnston, or Moondog, Sun Ra, Jad Fair, or a thousand others...And that's perfectly okay. The people want non-threatening distraction, and have always wanted just that. And that's perfectly okay. There are also (and, I'm assuming, always were and always will be) a certain percentage of the people who want more than what the majority is willing to settle for, or can't express themselves in the accepted ways of said majority. Should they resent the majority because it's incapable of giving them what they believe they require to lead a happy life? Should they feel superior to the majority once their needs are met on a regular basis? And should the majority somehow shun or punish this minority for not practicing adherence to their ways? (Hint: No, No, and It Depends On Who You Ask.)  

But now let's bring it around, as this is a special case. Would the Wiggin sisters (aside from the one who refuses to talk to interviewers and didn't take part in their reunion of a few years ago) rather not receive the attention and possible vindication (Tho' on whose part? Their late father's?) that a Hollywood version of their musical career might bring, if even for a very short while? Theirs is a fairly compelling tale, it's true. As much as such an exposure to the American Entertainment Industry's Unblinking Eye might strip the band of the mystery that's been integral to their enduring appeal (Hello, Jandek.), one almost can't help themselves but be curious and thus long for it to happen. And then it happens! And then you see it. And then you wonder about your reasons, not just for wanting to see a fictionalized account of the life of some poor shemps whose music had an effect on your developing sense of self a decade or two ago, but for wanting anything at all, to be blunt. The feeling passes, and the next mediocre time-waster will be sliding on down the chute any minute now..."