Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Item the First: Saturday Janitor is, sad-ishly, no more. Short story even shorter: The Man Busted Our Music. Loose plans for an online-distributed version are currently rolling around Jan's head and may see some sort of fruition later this year. Of course, if the God-Aliens take me away this Saturday, these plans may change.

Item the Second: A new collection of recordings entitled Old Bending River will be making it your way through the usual pipelines by July 1st, I imagine. Eight songs recorded by the estimable Dr. Pete Becker in the studio-barn of Dr. Joshua Carrollhach, whom also drum'd. Many a surprising guest appearance by local luminaries, are also featured. Three, to be exact. There will be an attempt at hub and bub surrounding the release of my first new recording in FIVE FUCKING YEARS, so stay attuned for details. 

Item the Third: 'Friend' Edward Gray, "ed gray", and now, Ed Gray on your local Facebookery to keep up on the loop (ugh...) to a ridiculous degree. No ghosts or signs of skunk-ape, but some evidence of past drunks to be found if you're that damn bored.