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    The Old Bending River (self-released, 2011) After five years in the wilderness, I'm effin' back, baby. Recorded over the winter and spring of 2011 in a barn a little south of town by Pete Becker and featuring the drumming of bon vivant Josh Carrollhach (ex-Liberty Leg), with guest appearances by Randall Davis, Pete Balestrieri, and Katie Burnes. Snazzy packaging, too. Songs: Chafe, Samson, Sallow, The Old Saw Blade, Away, Egg Timer Man, Bone, Cold Cold Man.
As attractive and accessible as these song are, Ed never takes the easy way in. Old Bending River proves that as obtuse and stubborn as Ed Gray can be, there are few songwriters anywhere that are his peer. - Kent Williams, Little Village

The Old Bending River cd

the late gray ed great (Hot Potato, 2006) Recorded in Omaha, NE near the end of the Summer of 2005 with a backing band consisting of Chris Deden, Mike Friedman, Simon Joyner, Tiffany Kowalski, Alex McManus, Lonnie Eugene Methe and Mike Tulis. Tracks: baby bird, chester, cwt, you have me at a disadvantage, sir, rot luck (black rat snake), hullo, moonglow, drink, the brambling broad side, raft.
Gray has taken the raw materials of a century of recorded folk, country, and rock and built a structure as solid as a log cabin...It's a joy to hear folk make such a racket. - Rick Allen, The Other Paper
The Late Gray Ed Great makes it finally clear that Ed Gray is one of the best songwriters in Iowa. - Kent Williams, Little Village

the late gray ed great lp/cd

fresh coat on the powder keg 7" EP (Unread/sober cannibal, 2006) Seven songs recorded with Johnathan Crawford and Tiffany Kolwalski in Alex McManus' Omaha basement studio in 2003. Tracks: surviving you never, titan, old man,city, ...iss & black candle, hurricane, 2 snakes, i defer to the expanse of your smile.

fresh coat 7" ep

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